About Us

Hi Guys! 


I get so many questions about Shop Stevie and how it all started, so here's the story in a nutshell! I know not all of my shoppers know me from my blog, so I'll tell you a little about myself as well! 


My name is Stevie Henderson, and a few years ago, I started a fashion blog. As I searched for clothing pieces to share with my followers I found it hard to find items that were both my style and that I loved. My husband and I decided to start a small online store and we attached it to my blog. I've always had a love for fashion and a love for helping people feel good about themselves; I found a way to accomplish that through my store. Both blogging and picking out clothes for people were ways that I could help them feel comfortable and good about themselves, as well as being up-to-date with trends. I wanted every piece in my store to represent me as a person and represent the standards I strive to live up to, so I pick my designs very carefully. 


I hope that every woman wearing my pieces, young or old, will feel beautiful and confident about themselves! There's more to clothing than just putting something on--it's about how it makes us feel when we're wearing it, and how we want to represent ourselves as a person. 


In 2016, we added the Rep Program to our store.  The Rep Program provides a "business-in-a-box" style for my reps. My reps buy wholesale clothing from us, and then sell the clothing at retail prices through local pop-ups and on their own online stores (provided by us). Shop Stevie has blessed mine and Trev's lives financially, and it's been so fun seeing it do the same for others. 


I owe so much to my husband who helped me start Shop Stevie. He is just as much a part of this as I am, and has made a dream come true that I never thought I could have achieved.  Shop Stevie started with me and Trev, but is now so much more. Shop Stevie wouldn't be what it is without my team behind me. I have an incredible team from the fulfilling side to my business partners. They are all very talented at what they do and I feel so blessed to be able to grow and learn from them.


And, of course, I have an amazing support system through my customers! They are the most loyal customers and so caring. I love seeing some of my longest customers through different events or catching up with them through social media--they really feel like family! I love getting to know my Shop Stevie girls out there! :) Love you all and thank you for shopping and for all of your support. 


Sorry this is so long... I'm a blogger, so what do you expect? :) Thanks for reading and wanting to know more about Shop Stevie and who we are as a company.